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In addition to its core services, L’ Atelier has extensive experience in translating for renowned authors and publications worldwide.

We translated numerous articles for Jasad, a magazine in Arabic specialized in the literature, art and science of the body. We are also Joumana Haddad’s partner of choice for her books ‘I Killed Scheherazade’ and ‘Superman is an Arab’.

To produce a faithful yet powerful reflection of a book in another language and culture, a translator needs to get inside the author’s mind. Close collaboration is vital for the best possible results.

I Killed Scheherazade : L’ Atelier delved into this provocative exploration of what it means to be an Arab
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woman today. The Arabic version is as courageous and illuminating as its original.

Superman is an Arab: L’ Atelier translated this sequel of “I Killed Scheherazade ” which tackled many delicate subjects,
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all rendered and expressed faithfully in the target language.

The Sexual Life of Catherine M.: We at L’ Atelier are proud to have been chosen by Catherine Millet to produce the Arabic translation
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of this controversial book. Our version turned out to be just as candid, powerful and daring as the French one.

Devastating Society: The Neo Conservatism Assault on Democracy and Justice: This important and fascinating book
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is a collection of articles and essays written by professors, analysts and intellectuals such as Bernd Hamm, Noam Chomsky and many more.

Handling the Media: Out of the vast collection of manuals we translated, this toolkit provides
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organizations with tips, tools, and ideas on how to handle media – related situations.

Assessing Women’s Political Party Programs: Best Practices and Recommenations: Among the technical
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translations L’ Atelier handled, this assessment is designed to identify the specific elements and approaches which were most effective in encouraging women’s participation and leadership in political parties… and the list goes on…

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