Experience, education and a fascination with Arabic

Nour El-Assaad is the main creative force behind L’Atelier. She has a master’s in Translation and a degree in Arabic Language and Literature under her belt. Able to speak 5 languages, she is passionate about communication across borders.

More and more Arabic-speakers are turning away from the complex grammar and other challenging features of their native language. Nour, however, is more dedicated than ever. She has completed a degree in her own language and literature to consolidate her extensive knowledge and skills.

Nour provides clients with top-quality translations. Her working languages are Arabic, French, English, Italian and Spanish.  Her skills aren’t limited to translation: through L’ Atelier, she also offers proofreading, editing and copywriting services in her native Arabic.

As head of L’ Atelier, Nour ensures that every one of your projects, whether written translation or interpreting assignment, is treated with the utmost care, accuracy and style to fulfil your goals.

Interested in working with Nour and L’Atelier?