Ayman Mhanna, Executive Director, Samir Kassir Foundation

I have known Nour since March 2007. We worked together on a daily basis. Her work was precise and timely. Most importantly, Nour is an impressively innovative translator. She regularly had to translate new concepts that have never been used in Arabic. After thorough research and diligent efforts to understand all aspects related to any new terminology, Nour would always find the right terms and tone. It is even safe to say that she and her colleagues have coined terms related to the field of elections and campaigning that have now been adopted internationally. In September 2011, I joined the Samir Kassir Foundation (SKF) as Executive Director. SKF is today one of the largest freedom of expression organizations in the Levant. Nour has been our go-to person anytime we needed high quality English-to-Arabic and French-to-Arabic translation. Her scope of work was very wide: media monitoring reports, proposals and funding applications, book chapters, and official statements. Nour’s accurate translation and unmatched speed in returning documents are two of her most distinctive strengths. The quality of Nour’s work is of course the product of her strong academic background but I believe it is, above all, the fruit of her intellectual curiosity and openness to new cultures, and her eagerness to travel, read and meet people. I, therefore, enthusiastically recommend her to any organizations seeking international standard translation.

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