Isabelle Wolfsgruber, Junior Project Officer, International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD)

Ms. El-Assaad enjoys a high level of honesty and integrity. She clearly mentions in her correspondence the expected date of delivery and delivers the assignment either on time or before the deadline. She is very aware of the technical and legal terminologies and has strong work ethics and values. She sometimes also offers assistance for specific terminologies if approached by some of the native speaker colleagues. There have been many cases in which we had to approach Ms. El-Assaad with last minute requests. In every case she took the initiative to deliver in a timely and professional manner. Apart from translating documents, she also pays attention to the format and layout of the documents, which goes way beyond the contracted service, but is a great help to us! We have experienced Ms. El-Assaad as a friendly, dedicated person, detailed in her work and an extremely reliable person to work with.

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